Do Pencil Grips Help with Writing?

Was your child offered a pencil grip to help their writing at school? 

Usually, parents tell me that school already tried a pencil grip to help with writing? 

When I ask if it helped, most say their child finds them uncomfortable or won’t use it. 

So, should or shouldn’t we use a pencil grip? 

I find pencil grips to rarely be helpful from the get-go. And it’s not just because the child has to get used to the grip. 

Using a pencil grasp requires strength and coordination on the child’s part and is ultimately, an exercise in itself.  

Kids first need to develop sensory processing, core strength and fine motor skills for pencil control or to more comfortably use the grip.  

Once kids have had some OT support, some OT’s may then use a pencil grip as a way to further strengthen or support the fingers.  It all depends on the child.  

However, I have found most kids don’t find them to be comfortable and so we work on the skills they need for better fine motor skills and pencil control. 

There’s my two cents on pencil grips.  Hmmm…… how does that translate to London English? There’s my two pennies? Doesn’t sound the same, and I may be humouring myself now. 🙂


P.S. I am a fan of shorter, thicker, or triangular shaped pencils, Stabilos, or smoother gliding lead pencils. And if kids are ready, I love Crayon Rocks. 

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