How We Help

How Does Occupational Therapy Help Your Child? 

At ot4kids, whilst building relationships with families and schools, we use a holistic approach to help your child:

  • Reach their developmental milestones (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, hopping, writing, shoe tying)
  • Improve upper body strength and stamina to sit upright or play sports 
  • Develop balance and coordination skills to play at the park
  • Acquire fine motor skills to write, cut, eat, and get dressed 
  • Develop motor planning and problem-solving skills to do new activities, or come up with ideas for play
  • Be confident and focused 
  • Learn how one’s body feels during different emotions and what tools can help
  • Increase repertoire of foods

All children develop at different rates. If your child does not meet key developmental milestones, it is important to have them assessed as early as possible.

Improving upper extremity coordination, pencil grasp, wrist stability, visual motor perceptual skills.Infant Developmental Milestones