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Our 7 years old did clinic sessions with Munira for a year and we are delighted with the results. His physical abilities improved drastically allowing him to do things he was not able to do before like swimming and cycling which he now adores. Munira's sessions also made a significant difference to our son's behaviour. Homework is now no longer a problem as he is able to focus and stay calm throughout.
We are so happy and proud of the sweet little boy he became, able to self-regulate himself and manage a lot better his emotions.

We have worked with OTs other than Munira before and we have never seen such fantastic improvements. We highly recommend Munira and sincerely believe that she is one of the best OTs in the London area. We are grateful to Munira for the significant impact she made to our family.

Mum A

I have known Munira for about 4 years and not only link up with her in a professional capacity, but she has also worked with my daughter. Munira brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice, developed over the years working with children.

Her therapy plans are thoughtfully tailored to the individual child, using a holistic approach. The creativity and element of fun she brings to her sessions ensures children are engaged whilst developing their skills. I would highly recommend Munira!


We first met Munira when my son was only 4 and he is now 8. As parents who struggled to accept my son's initial diagnosis, we just didn't know what to expect. We were terrified, sad, and in total denial but knew we had to act quickly to help him. When we first met Munira, she was clear, true to the facts yet very understanding, professional and kind. It was hard to see our child struggle so much during simple tasks. Now, thanks to Munira, he is attending a mainstream school and whilst he still has his own challenges, he is able to concentrate, play sports, write and draw without support.

I cannot thank Munira enough for her amazing dedication and all of the support she has provided to our family over the years. She has an incredible work ethic and not only conducts fantastic OT sessions, taking into consideration parental feedback, but she always has fun and creative ideas parents can use at home.

Recently, due to COVID-19 lockdown, we have been having OT with Munira via virtual sessions and she did an outstanding job to make them fun and incredibly effective. Munira is an incredible Paediatric Occupational Therapist and I would definitely recommend her.


Munira is wonderful. I've been taking my son to her for years now and he adores her. My son is nonverbal and Munira completely understands him. Munira's approach is entirely bespoke to the child, and she puts a lot of thought and effort into both the overall plan and every little exercise. She understands things from the child's perspective and this knowledge- combined with her encouraging personality - means she is adept at drawing out the best in my son. He works extra hard with her and leaves feeling proud of himself. Although Munira never makes false promises or predictions about what your child will be able to accomplish, I can honestly say my son has made tremendous progress with her, and I really can not recommend her enough!!


Munira has worked with my 11 year old asd son and I for almost 4 years. She's been brilliant - particularly as she understands the sensory issues that underpin so many of my son's challenges. She's worked with us to put in place a programme that's really helped to manage his anxieties and his sensory seeking behaviours. he's so much calmer now and so much more able to manage his anxiety. I really recommend her...

Mum C

Munira has a wonderful way of engaging with my son who has autism/ADHD, and incorporates his favorite characters or interests into the OT sessions. He has a fabulous time and does not even realize he is working to develop areas that are quite challenging where he has resisted previously!

Mom M

My son and I have had a fantastic experience working with Munira, who is a lovely person. She has a great ability to understand his behaviour and what drives it, and displays a lot of patience and understanding during sessions if he is acting in a challenging way. She has taken on board his interests and structured a programme which as well as being targeted to his needs is also really fun for him, so he really enjoys going to her sessions. He has made some real progress (even with the challenges of tele-therapy recently!) since starting OT, particularly in terms of improved motor planning, fine motor skills and self-care and I am feeling much more confident he will be better prepared for starting school in September as a result. I particularly appreciate that she takes the time to regularly review his progress during each treatment block and provides helpful feedback/suggestions as to how we can support his development at home when a block has finished.


As a physician and the father of a daughter with Down syndrome, I look at three areas when choosing a therapist — (1) skill and experience, (2) dedication and (3) personality fit. It is extremely rare to find someone who excels in all three areas. Munira is one of those rare individuals whose tremendous talent combined with unwavering dedication and passion to help children reach their true potential and a friendly, easy-going personality combine to make her a truly exceptional OT. Our daughter is doing extremely well and my wife and I credit a large part of this to the wonderful work that Munira did with her.

Gavin Samuels, M.D.

Munira was Henry’s first OT. We loved her energy and creativity. While working toward consistent goals, she was always thinking of new ideas and approaches. She was such a cheerful presence in our home, bringing a spirit of fun while also being prompt and professional. She explained what she was doing clearly and gave us exercises to work into our routine with Henry so that his OTactivities became part of everyday life even when she wasn’t working with him. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rachel from NYC

Munira really knows how to relate and bond to children. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and up to date in regard to sensory and O.T issues, she is intuitive and a real problem solver. She was able to identify a a very important learning issue in my daughter through her work with her that changed the course of her education. She empowered me as a mother; with tons of ideas whether it was the best kinds of activities for her development to the most appropriate birthday presents.

Jaye Bea, mother to Elliana

Munira is an amazing OT who worked with my son Brandon from 5mths-15mths. When Munira first started with us Brandon had a ton of medical conditions including a trach & g-tube, he was constantly connected to wires and we were scared to even move him from the couch, Munira was totally comfortable working around all of the medical stuff and made us feel like we were in amazing hands. Brandon went from a baby who barely moved to one that was rolling around, playing with toys and eventually crawling. Not only was Munira an amazing OT that got Brandon on the right path but she was extremely supportive to myself emotionally in caring for Brandon.


I had the pleasure to work on a team with Munira. She was the most knowledgeable and practical Occupational Therapist I have worked with. She has gone over and beyond her duties and was a valuable asset to the team. Munira answered questions, demonstrated and assisted with carry over. The child made great progress in all areas because Munira was on the team.

TiaMarie Smith
Education and Behavior Specialist, Holistic Health Counselor

Munira and I have been colleagues for the past 10 years. Over this time, I have gotten to know Munira very well, both on a professional and personal level. She is one of the most talented pediatric occupational therapists that I know, and is well– respected in the field. In addition, she is a genuine and caring individual who always puts forth 110% in all that she does. What separates Munira from the rest is her innate ability to connect with her clients. This special rapport that she is able to create results in exceptional progress on the client’s part. I highly recommend Munira to anyone who can benefit from her services.

Kim Ebert, OTR/L

As a speech-language pathologist who works with children in their homes, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Munira many times over the years. In my professional opinion, Munira is a wonderful OT who works well with both children and their parents. Munira has always been a positive addition to children’s therapy teams. She has always been eager to collaborate with other therapists and to plan interdisciplinary treatment for the children she services. Despite the vast knowledge she possesses, Munira is also always looking to learn more. In addition to formal continuing education, Munira and I frequently share our expertise with each other; she asks me questions about oral motor skills and sensorimotor feeding issues, in order to better understand the children she works with, and she has always been my “go-to” person for questions regarding sensory integration dysfunction and fine motor skills. I have seen many children flourish due to Munira’s clever, fun, “outside the box” therapeutic interventions, and the loving way she implements her ideas into action.

Malka Strasberg, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist New York, NY

As a new parent, I was surprised to learn that it is never too early to start occupational therapy on a child with Down syndrome. Through New York State’s Early Intervention Program, our son, Adam, began his O.T. at approximately four months. We would have started even earlier, however Adam required heart surgery at three months old. At that age, all of the therapists focused on similar issues of core trunk strength. But as his trunk became more stable, Munira used a mix of tools, toys and play, to help prevent the adoption of limiting compensations while encouraging the development of basic skills such as reaching, grasping, pinching and supporting himself in quadruped. Her expert use of Kinesio tape produced almost immediate results, especially with grasping and pinching as well as with Adam’s posture, which was noted by other therapists who also worked with Adam during the same period. Munira was a delight to have in our home and showed us why doing the work in the child’s natural environment is the ideal way to encourage and integrate the therapeutic work into the family’s daily activities. In addition, I can’t stress how important it is to employ therapists who relate well to your child and know how to engage them in the work. The sessions can be difficult and intense for any child, but Munira always found a way to make it fun and rewarding for Adam. It was very important for me as a father to see the trust she built by providing comfort and reassurance whenever Adam got frustrated or angry. I never felt the need to hover when she was in our home. I could usually tell that he was having a blast during their sessions. In short, Munira was recommended to us by another parent of a child with Down syndrome and I’m happy to forward that recommendation on.


My name is Sue and I am the mother of triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy. They were born premature at 29 1/2 weeks so they were behind with their motor milestones. I enlisted the help of Munira to work with my children. All three children were very different, however, Munira adapted to working with each one with skill and to suit their different personalities. She was great to work with, worked closely with myself and the nanny regarding how to position toys, what positions to put the babies in, how to help them with rolling, sitting, and crawling, reaching, and hand use. They started off behind but soon caught up with most of their motor skills since we started early. I am very happy with the results. And five years later, we are still in touch. The children are all doing wonderfuly well. I highly recommend Munira.

Sue…mother to Kayla, Lauren and Aidan

Munira treated my son John and played an integral role in his development and therapy. She was instrumental in assisting us with putting the Autism Spectrum Disorder puzzle together by connecting us with valuable resources and uniting us with families in similar situations. Munira possesses “the winning treatment combination” which produces results: ·     Valuable clinical knowledge ·     Incredible skill & expertise ·     Endless patience ·     And a wonderful way of relating to the pediatric population. I wholeheartedly recommend Munira; your child will love her. And, as a parent, you will be hard-pressed to find a better resource or expert in their field.

Margaret, NYC Mother

We moved to London almost 2 years ago. My son was receiving OT services in New York City through early intervention (along with PT and speech). I was so nervous to move to a foreign country and find a new team for my son. Lucky for us a few people recommended we contact Munira Adenwalla for OT in London. From my first correspondence with her she was exactly what we were looking for. My son who is almost 4 years old adores her and loves playing with her. I have recommeneded her to everyone in London who is looking for an OT. She is smart, kind, capable, resourceful, so pleasant and fun to be around. She has a way of connecting with children and knowing exactly what they need and what to do with them. She comes up with such creative things and is always bringing new toys and ideas. We get excited when its Monday, because we know it means that Munira is coming. She is a gem!


I just want to thank you for being the only evaluator that advocated for and recognized the need for my son's OT therapy while I struggled with the grueling Early Intervention process approximately 7 years ago!

My son received therapy from age 3-5 and had a follow up little tweaking in Kindergarten at his school. He's doing so well. No one would ever know how much we went through. He still shows those little signs that only I would recognise and I accept that's who he is. He is a fabulous athlete though he doesn't run as fast as his peers but he enjoys all sports and is quite good at most. His handwriting is very good and he's in a Gifted and Talented program in his public school.

I'm so happy you're doing well in London and that you're successfully helping so many kids who would be otherwise lost in this big over stimulating world without you.

I thought it was important for you to know that I haven't forgotten about you and that though we met a long time ago, our brief encounter was impactful.