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Lead Therapist & Owner of ot4kids

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How I Work

I’m an American trained Occupational Therapist  with 22 years paediatric experience in the US, Canada, and the UK.   For the past eleven years, I have grown my own practice in London, England, and opened my own home clinic in Southfields, SW London.  There is access to specialist equipment such as sensory integration swings and gross motor apparatus.

I predominantly see children under thirteen years of age, including babies and toddlers while older children are treated by my colleagues.  I also help parents be confident to support their child’s sensory, motor, and emotional development.  I am a strong proponent of early intervention. I have seen first hand with my own son and children I treat, how early intervention, whether it be by parent consultations and / or treatment, helps establish strong foundational patterns of movement, improved sensory processing and emotional regulation.  

I believe it is never too early or late to receive Occupational Therapy support as the brain can always rewire and adapt. I also trust a parents’ gutt instinct, and value working with parents to directly support their child’s sensory and motor needs.  

Occupational Therapy with Child


My business is a family affair.  My husband helps guide me in ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff and technology that I’m slowly figuring out. My son has always shared me with the kids I work with.  He loves saying hello to the little ones and is  sometimes my ‘doorman,’ parents have watched him grow as I have their kids, and he often makes an appearance in my virtual sessions when I need a ‘demo.’  Together, we all make up ot4kids. 

Parent Partnerships

As a mum to a child who has had his own challenges, particularly in his first year, it has not only helped, but empowered me, to be a part of everything he does so that I can learn, support and advocate for him.  Being able to understand my sons strengths and challenges using a sensory and motor lens has had a big impact in our daily lives.  It allows me to understand his behaviour, why he’s having both difficult or good times, and when and how to implement strategies ‘on the fly.’  Although, trust me, like many other parents, I do have my own challenging moments where I feel like I’m doing it all wrong or I’m going to crazy.  

My experience with my son is definitely the WHY to how I work. 

At ot4kids, we help YOU help YOUR kids by providing parent consultations and online trainings, and having you present and involved in sessions.  As you are with your child the most, your input is instrumental.  We want to support you in learning the reason behind your child’s behaviours and movements, and to be empowered with sensory processing strategies while parenting ‘on the go.’  

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Outside Of Work….

I love learning random bits of info about others as it’s what makes us all unique and individual.  Here are 10 random things about me: 

Munira by the sea in Malta

    1. I have lived in 4 countries, and too many cities to count in my life.  I’ve always found it quite a romantic idea to live in the same neighbourhood, knowing friends since being very little, and having extended family nearby.  However, there are also perks to having lived in so many places.  I feel that I can connect with people from different backgrounds and I love finding common ground.  I grew up in Taiwan till I was 5 years old before moving to London.  At 12, we moved to the US, and then to Canada before I went to Northwestern University in Chicago ready to become a Biomedical Engineer or Pre-Med student. 
    2. Noodles are my comfort food and I bet this is connected to growing up in Taiwan. My heart is definitely in my tummy. 
    3.  I’m a straight-talker.  Apparently not only do I say what I mean, but my face says everything.  If you need an honest answer, ask me as I can’t hide much. 
    4. I’m a Home Ed Mum so on my days off, my son and I are often out-and-about exploring new parks and museums, going on play dates, and doing crafts.  I have loved learning and trying new things with him, and know for sure that it has helped me grow as an OT.  This experience has definitely stretched me out of my comfort zone too.  I’m often having to be brave to learn new skills such as ice skating this past year and we are currently learning how to make videos for his YouTube channel. As parents, I find we often stretch ourselves for our kids. 
    5. I haven’t worn makeup since I got married, about 11 years ago.
    6. I love independent coffee shops.  My great-grandmother in Pakistan used to give me ‘caaffee,’ which is basically warmed milk with a drop of coffee in it, since I was 2 years old.  I’m sure this has something to do with my love for lattes. 
    7. I soooo want some roller skates.  I used to love ‘Tuti’ from the TV program, Facts of Life, and how she used to skate around the house.  I did the same when I was younger to my parents’ dismay in our house.  
    8. I decided to become an OT only within a couple weeks of starting a 5-years, Bachelors and Masters program, at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY.  I had already completed a year of Biomedical Engineering but hated it.  The best decisions in my life have been made on the spur of the moment. 
    9. I was that baby-wearing, co-sleeping, no refined sugar, low tox, barefoot shoes mum. I started my journey after attending a lecture when I was in NYC.  
    10. New York City still has my heart.  I lived there for 9-10 years, and even though I’ve been in London for 11 years now, I still miss it.  I do love London too now, especially since I’ve had my son.  We get to go on a lot of fun adventures exploring the city. 
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