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    • Are you worried about your child’s coordination, behaviour, learning or confidence?
    • Is it harder for them to learn new motor skills compared to their peers or siblings?  
    • Do they struggle to keep up with school work, or are they constantly on the move or distracted easily?  
    • Are they anxious and overwhelmed, have frequent meltdowns for ‘small’ things, or struggle to play with peers?  

Being an OT and fellow parent, I get how hard it is hard to see your own child struggle to move, learn, and play.  You worry how they’ll cope with daily life as they grow up.

How do I help?

By getting to the root cause of your child’s difficulties, we develop the foundational skills your child needs.  This approach is based on brain science and ultimately, creates longer lasting results.  

I have the expertise to help your child’s sensory processing, emotional regulation, play, attention, motor skills and writing through FUN so they can be more coordinated, happier, calm and confident.  

Children I work with have had these results: 

⭐️ become stronger and coordinated on the playground, during sports and fine motor activities 
⭐️ develop self-esteem and confidence, problem-solve and become less frustrated with new or challenging activities
⭐️ are more focused, happier, comfortable, and able to cope on a daily basis

Through close parent partnerships, we help you feel hopeful, supported, and empowered to help your child.  Then your family life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Who We Help

We help babies and children from birth to 13 years of age with sensory and motor challenges to move with ease, cope with their feelings, and have happy, connected relationships.  

We help parents help their kids!   By understanding your child’s sensory and motor needs you become confident to effectively support them.

Three Ways To Work Together



We help babies and children from birth to 13 years of age with sensory and motor challenges to move with ease, cope with their feelings, and have happy, connected relationships.  

    • We provide intensive blocks of Sensory Integration treatment in clinic based on principles of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to develop new pathways for change and lasting results).  By thinking outside the box, we deliver individually tailored programs using children’s strengths and brain-based treatment techniques. 
    • The clinic is based in Southfields, Wandsworth in South West London. It’s along the District Line towards Wimbledon.  The clinic is a specially modified house practice with suspended Sensory Integration equipment that encourages skills development in a safe, cozy, natural setting while having fun. Parents remain present in the sessions to learn how to help their child.

    • Teletherapy (online sessions) available worldwide or parent consultations. 

      You’ll learn why your child responds and behaves the way that they do, get to the root of their difficulties, and discover sensory strategies and exercises to develop the skills they need. 


  • In my signature Foundations for Writing program, YOU learn how to develop your child’s sensory and motor skills so they can move and write with ease, joy and confidence.  You’ll get bite-sized tutorials, video demonstrations of activities, live Q&A’s and private community for 10 weeks of OT help at your fingertips. 

  • Helping Kids Write DIY mini-workshop to learn about sensory processing, your child’s writing skills, and a program to get you started helping your child NOW at home. 


A therapeutic music protocol developed by Dr. Stephen Porges to help children feel safe, connected, calm, and comfortable in their daily life. This can be offered for children locally or worldwide. 

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At ot4kids, we love that we have helped so many kids become more coordinated and confident, and family life become more enjoyable and easier.  See what other parents say about us

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