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  • Are you worried about your child’s development, behaviour, or confidence?  
  • Do you feel that it’s harder for them to learn new skills compared to their peers or siblings?  
  • Do they struggle to keep up with their milestones, need extra time to do homework and school work, or get distracted easily?  
  • Are they anxious and overwhelmed, constantly on the move, or having frequent meltdowns for ‘small’ things?  

Being OT’s and parents ourselves, we know it is hard to see your own child struggle with daily activities, become upset by what appears to be ‘small’ situations, and worry how they’ll manage as they grow up.

We have the expertise to help kids move, learn and thrive by working closely with you so that your child can be coordinated, happier, and confident, and your family life be easier and more enjoyable.  All this using the power of fun and connection. 


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Who We Help

We help babies and children from birth to 13 years of age with sensory and motor challenges move and play, cope with their feelings, and have happy, connected relationships.  

We empower you (parents) to feel confident in understanding your child’s sensory and motor development so that you can effectively support them. We help YOU help your kids through virtual parent courses to implement treatment programs at home . After all, you know your child BEST. 

By thinking outside the box, we deliver individualised specialist programs via intensive blocks of Sensory Integration treatment and strong parent partnerships.

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Where We Help

The clinic is based in Southfields, Wandsworth in South West London on the District Line.  It is a specially modified house practice with suspended Sensory Integration equipment that encourages skills development in a safe, cozy, natural setting while having fun.  

Virtual online sessions are provided locally and worldwide for parent consultations, teletherapy with children, and online trainings.

Home and school visits are available in London and parts of Surrey.

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How We Help

We help your child reach their highest potential by:

  • developing strong parent partnerships to empower you to support your child and prevent problems from escalating via 1:1 or group consultations and online trainings
  • using advanced innovative treatment techniques and  intensive blocks of therapy by highly experienced and skilled therapists
  • creating individualised custom-made treatments tailored to your child’s unique strengths and challenges

All children develop at different rates.  If you have concerns that your child isn’t meeting key milestones, Early Intervention is key.   We help to prevent further delays and develop skills so that your child can move, learn, and thrive with more ease and confidence.  

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