Does your child resist or lack interest in writing so homework is frustrating for them?

Does your child say their hands are sore or hurt from writing? 

Do they struggle with fine motor skills like writing and using utensils? 

Are you on a waitlist for Occupational Therapy but want to start helping your child now? 

Do you lack access to good quality Occupational Therapy services?

Are you overwhelmed and want to know exactly how to help improve your child’s foundational skills to writing in a way that’s actually fun?

Join me on this four-weeks program to improve your child’s sensory and motor skills for writing with a step-by-step roadmap of what to do.

Via video demonstrations and live support, I will help you figure out which skills your child needs to improve their writing, AND guide you through a treatment program to build those skills whilst also boosting their confidence.

Your course includes: 

  • an initial questionnaire for me to learn about your child’s background, needs, and abilities
  • video tutorials and a progressive sequence of treatment activities that’s actually fun to do with your child whilst developing their pencil control and writing
  • 4 weekly live interactive Q&A’s (recordings available) to discuss your child’s skills and be supported
  • a private FaceBook community for 10 weeks 
You will learn more than just treatment activities. I will teach you the framework. 

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