I have known Munira for about 4 years and not only link up with her in a professional capacity, but she has also worked with my daughter. Munira brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice, developed over the years working with children.

Her therapy plans are thoughtfully tailored to the individual child, using a holistic approach. The creativity and element of fun she brings to her sessions ensures children are engaged whilst developing their skills. I would highly recommend Munira!

Mum A

Our 7 years old did clinic sessions with Munira for a year and we are delighted with the results. His physical abilities improved drastically allowing him to do things he was not able to do before like swimming and cycling which he now adores. Munira’s sessions also made a significant difference to our son’s behaviour. Homework is now no longer a problem as he is able to focus and stay calm throughout.
We are so happy and proud of the sweet little boy he became, able to self-regulate himself and manage a lot better his emotions.

We have worked with OTs other than Munira before and we have never seen such fantastic improvements. We highly recommend Munira and sincerely believe that she is one of the best OTs in the London area. We are grateful to Munira for the significant impact she made to our family.


Munira is wonderful. I’ve been taking my son to her for years now and he adores her. My son is nonverbal and Munira completely understands him. Munira’s approach is entirely bespoke to the child, and she puts a lot of thought and effort into both the overall plan and every little exercise. She understands things from the child’s perspective and this knowledge- combined with her encouraging personality – means she is adept at drawing out the best in my son. He works extra hard with her and leaves feeling proud of himself. Although Munira never makes false promises or predictions about what your child will be able to accomplish, I can honestly say my son has made tremendous progress with her, and I really can not recommend her enough!!


Munira was Henry’s first OT. We loved her energy and creativity. While working toward consistent goals, she was always thinking of new ideas and approaches. She was such a cheerful presence in our home, bringing a spirit of fun while also being prompt and professional. She explained what she was doing clearly and gave us exercises to work into our routine with Henry so that his OTactivities became part of everyday life even when she wasn’t working with him. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Gavin Samuels, M.D.

As a physician and the father of a daughter with Down syndrome, I look at three areas when choosing a therapist — (1) skill and experience, (2) dedication and (3) personality fit. It is extremely rare to find someone who excels in all three areas. Munira is one of those rare individuals whose tremendous talent combined with unwavering dedication and passion to help children reach their true potential and a friendly, easy-going personality combine to make her a truly exceptional OT. Our daughter is doing extremely well and my wife and I credit a large part of this to the wonderful work that Munira did with her.