Too Few Words?

Recently, there was an article in the New York Times regarding ‘When to Worry if a Child has Too Few Words?”

The following points were emphasized:

1) Paediatricians should have a better understanding of speech language development. Early detection results in an earlier start to therapy services, which ultimately, leads to improved prospects.

2) There is more to speech than simply talking. It is important to look at speech development in the broader context of cognition to communication.

3) Speech and language delay is often an indication to global developmental delay or neurodevelopmental disorders. Therefore, it’s critical to also be assessed by an Occupational Therapist as well as a Physiotherapist to determine if there are other delays such as Sensory Processing, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Visual Motor, or Self-Help Skills.

4) Finally, paediatricians are reminded not to look at speech delays casually and to refer on for therapy early.

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