The Sippy Cup Issue & a Game Plan!

As therapists we often recommend parents to avoid using a Sippy Cup with their child. It’s great to see a blog post by a well-reputed Speech Therapist, Sara Rosenfeld Johnson, which explains why it’s best to transition to a Straw cup.

Reasons to avoid a sippy cup include:

1) Child has to continue using a suckle pattern with their tongue. There are very few sounds produced using this tongue movement pattern.

2) Increased incidence of cavities as sugared liquid (i.e. juice) remains in the mouth.

3) Child tilts their head which allows liquid to enter the Eustachian Tubes (near the ear) which increases the incidence of ear infections.

4) Discourages mature feeding development where tongue moves up-down, side-to-side, and inside the mouth. The sippy cup encourages tongue protrusion (i.e. tongue to move forward outside the mouth).

*** Please do check out this article in BabyTalk by Mindy Berry Walker, a Speech Therapist, for a cup drinking GAME PLAN! 🙂 ***

1 thought on “The Sippy Cup Issue & a Game Plan!

  1. SlayerKat

    This is interesting. Tupperware do a lidded reusable cup with a spill-proof slot for a straw (although it’s not watertight it can be knocked and remain in tact). We use this for DS2 because of his special needs and he prefers it to a sippy cup. It’s more grown up.


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