Strokes Happen Amongst Children Too!

People often think of strokes for adults, however they occur amongst children too.

Approximately 5 children a week in Britain have a stroke. 2/3’s of those that survive suffer long-term disability that affects their movement. 1/3 of those that survive have no lasting impairment. Oftentimes, there’s already another pre-existing condition such as congenital heart disease.

Due to lack of public and medical awareness of childhood stroke, kids are being diagnosed too late. It is critical to have faster diagnosis and earlier treatment for a better outcome!

Some common signs that indicate strokes can be: headaches, unable to feel or move right side, floppy, and difficulty speaking.  Clumsiness and an alteration in consciousness may also be noted.

Do share with family and friends to raise awareness so others can get support and access to appropriate services faster.

HemiHelp in the UK is a great organization supporting children with hemiplegia.

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