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The Southfields Grid Association has put out this list of local businesses to particularly support during these times.  I’m so grateful to them for including ot4kids on there, and for living where we do. 

My husband and I moved to Southfields 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my son.  I needed a work balance shift as I developed Hyperemesis and couldn’t travel anymore so my husband had this great idea of building a ‘house practice’ with a clinic where families could come to me in a cozy environment.  At the same time I wanted more time with the baby as he’d grow up.

 This was the beginning stages of two babies, my clinic and my child. 

We passed by Southfields when Riverford, our local veg box scheme, had offered a free dinner nearby.  It was soooo delicious.  We were immediately drawn to the ‘village’ because of its quaint family feel, small independent shops, and ease of reaching the city centre.  I never heard of Southfields before this.  For those who know me, you know my heart is in my stomach so this sequence of events is not at all surprising.  🙂

As we have our own independent practices, we have always tried to support local businesses which in return means supporting local families, our community, and more jobs.

I always recommend local cafes and shops to families who come to see me.  We have so many great places nearby including:  Chanteroy, the french deli for amazing sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes, Salt and Pepper for super friendly company and local grown homey food (we love their tapas), our local fruit and veg shop, Chalk for cards and stationary, Drop Shot for coffee, De Rosier for hot chocolate and deserts, Thai restaurants, optometrists, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, and so much more.  

To support locally, check out their listing here

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