We are available to provide the following:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, services are currently being offered via teletherapy (i.e. virtual visits).  

  • Clinic has suspended sensory equipment (therapy swings, ropes, ladders, bungees), crashpads, scooterboards, ride-on toys, and ample space for sensory integration, gross and fine motor therapies.  The clinic is in a specially modified house practice where children are comfortable and happy to come to ‘Munira’s house.’  The benefit of having a house practice is the access to other parts and outdoor area to work on ‘real life’ functional skills such as gardening, cooking, feeding, climbing stairs or furniture, and playing outside.  The location has ample free parking and is closeby to Southfields tube station for those who prefer public transport.  
  • Home, School & Community-based Sessions to work in the child’s own environment and develop day-to-day skills with their educational team
  • Assessments for babies and children 
  • Treatment using various approaches including Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopmental / Bobath Treatment, as well as self-regulation, trauma and attachment
  • Teletherapy screenings, assessments, and treatments for children locally, further away in the UK, and internationally virtually using Skype, Zoom, and other platforms. 
  • iLs – Integrated Listening Systems
  • Therapeutic Listening® Program
  • Monitoring for babies and young children who are at risk
  • Intensive Treatment Blocks especially for long-distance families and therapy ‘boosts’
  • Screenings to determine school readiness and whether occupational therapy may help
  • Consultation with educational team regarding classroom adaptations
  • Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness 
  • Home Exercise Programs, Sensory Diets
  • Skype Consultations for families
  • Kinesio® Taping
  • Talks and Workshops for Parents and Teachers regarding topics such as Sensory Processing, Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills, and Infant Development.
  • Team Approach – We collaborate closely with a wide range of health professionals including:
    • Caregivers
    • Physiotherapists
    • Speech and Language Therapists
    • GP’s (Doctors) and Paediatric Consultants
    • Teachers
    • Play Therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists
    • Osteopaths and Cranio Sacral Therapists
    • Orthotists
    • Dietitians
    • Nutritionists
    • Audiologists, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists
    • Midwives, lactation consultants, babywearing consultants
    • ………..and other Occupational Therapists 😉

All chil­dren develop at dif­fer­ent rates, how­ever there are import­ant devel­op­mental mile­stones that they should meet. Should you be ques­tion­ing your child’s progress, it is import­ant that they be assessed as early as pos­sible to pre­vent prob­lems from escal­at­ing.

Early Inter­ven­tion will enable your child to suc­ceed in home, school, play, and social inter­ac­tions.

Improving sensory processing, body and safety awareness, balance and motor planning skills.Increasing posture, core strength, shoulder stability, reach, grasp and object manipulation.