Physical Activity Helps Academics!

According to an article from the NY Times, a recent study shows that play, down time and recess are just as important to learning as academics such as reading, math, and science. The study even showed that fitness and recess can positively impact upon a child’s attention, concentration, behaviour, and……. GRADES!

As Occupational Therapists trained in Sensory Integration, we often recommend that children receive opportunities for movement breaks and physical activity during their school day to help maintain optimal attention and focus. This is also important to keep in mind for children with low muscle tone, hypermobility and decreased strength to sit upright. It’s a challenge to focus on academics when you struggle to hold up your body.

This is why many of you will see me sitting or bouncing on my therapy ball while working hard at the computer. 🙂

It’s great to see more research that proves physical activity helps academics!

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