Fun Activities for Kids

Here are some fun websites that include crafts, puzzles, games, and activities to work on fine motor and visual motor skills. Please note that the purpose of this page is to provide parents with a resource of therapy-related activities to complete at home with their child. It does not replace the information or advice provided by a qualified Occupational Therapist or other medical professional. These activities must be completed under supervision of an adult for safety or following consultation with your therapist or medical provider. Have FUN!

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-Fun sensory and motor play ideas for babies.

Black and white pictures are great for newborns and young infants. Here are some free black and white infant stimulation graphics that you can download.

-Newborn stimulation printable from Glenn Doman’s program by a ‘DomanMom’

-Treasure Baskets are a lovely way for babies to develop touch exploration, body awareness, motor planning and so much more.

Parents often ask me to recommend a soft play mat for their child. I learned about this Korean play mat from a parent I worked with and have since recommended it to many others for its  cushioning, cute  designs,  easy clean-up, and because it can grow with your child till they’re much older.

**Also, check out the homemade dough, bubble, and fingerpaint recipes below under Sensory Processing.


-How fun to have a Playopedia!  This was created by Childhood 101 and categorizes unique play ideas according to the type of play.  Enjoy!

-Great craft ideas for young children that are broken down by materials used such as pasta crafts, paper plate crafts, or handprint crafts.

-Lots of free colouring pages, games, and puzzles which you can adjust by number and shape of pieces.


-Mazes, word puzzles, connect-the-dots, colour by number, and cut-and-paste activities. Great for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

-Make your own word searches, mazes, puzzles, and math games.

-This site is fun for kids AND grown-ups. Just print out the activity sheet, and you can then colour, cut, fold, and design a cool 3-D project!

I love the ‘I Spy’ games on this site. Great way to work on visual motor and perceptual skills in a fun way.


-This is a brilliant site!!!!!!! It has lots of therapeutic fine motor activities that are broken down by skill such as crossing midline, bilateral hand activities, pincer grasp, and much more. I highly recommend it!

-This site includes Fine Motor Activities for School-Aged children that are also broken down by skills: bilateral hand coordination, shoulder and postural stability, wrist extension, arches of hand, thumb opposition, in-hand manipulation, and hand / finger strength.

-30 Creative Fun Kids Fine Motor Activities

-50 Fun Fine Motor Activities for Older Kids

-Printable sewing cards for children

-You only need paper, glue and crayons to make these toys.



-This is an AMAZING resource that contains ‘eye exercises’ to improve tracking, scanning, and visual perceptual skills. Activities are clearly categorized by skill and level.

-Fun visual perceptual activities broken down by components.

-How to Draw Animals

-Step-by-step directions of how to draw cartoon characters.  Great project for older children.

-Simple cause & effect games for children using touch screens, switches or learning mouse control. Also a nice page on simple assistive technologies.

I love homemade toys!  For children with sensory and motor difficulties, oftentimes, it’s easier to make a suitable toy so it is the right size, shape and texture to suit the child’s individual abilities.  It’s also lovely that meanwhile we can recycle and reuse what we have at home, helping Mother Nature.  Here are some sites to help your creative juices flow.  🙂

-Barbara Smith is an Occupational Therapist who creates and adapts toys using cardboard, tubes, Velcro, containers and more.  Check out her YouTube videos for inspiration.

-My favourites are the Ball Board, Curler Board and Egg in Can. 🙂

-Tots ‘n Tech have some wonderful low-cost adaptations to daily activities so children can be more independent.  Who would have thought to use an empty roll-on deodorant can as a paint brush.  Their other newsletters are also very informative.


KEYBOARDING, www.typingclub.com

-BBD Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children from 7-11 years of age


-Self-Regulation activities for calming, organization, and arousal

-Many of the children I work with love to be in nature such as the beach, parks, or forests.  We can’t always be on holiday!  Here are some lovely video clips to use for calming or consider downloading a beach webcam so you can hang out in California through cyberspace while in rainy London. 🙂

-Ear Massage for Calming and Attention–featured-october-17-2011

-Outdoor Play Ideas

-Homemade Play Dough Recipes for Little Kids!  Consider adding scents and textures to your Play Dough.

-Fun and ‘yucky recipes’ for kids including slime, flubber, gunk, goop, and fruity putty.

-Homemade fingerpaint recipes

-Homemade Foam Soap