How to build stability for better handwriting?

Stability leads to mobility! 

Have you heard this before?  

When I refer to stability, I consider three types:

  1. sensory processing (their body and spatial awareness, balance and coordination, sensory needs to ground themselves)
  2. core stability and strength
  3. emotional readiness and confidence

At each age, children develop stability in their core and / or shoulders  to support development of fine motor skills for each stage of development.  

For example, a baby will first be able to lay on their back and lift their arms to grasp objects with their whole hand.  Then as they get older, they’ll be able to push up into sitting or quadruped positions, and grasp smaller objects in their fingers.  

This loop of gaining stability for more refined grasp continues to occur throughout children’s development.  

Have a look at the diagram below created by my 8-year old who really wants to ‘help’ me with work. 🙂 You can also hear me talk more about this subject here.  

PENCIL GRASP Stability for Mobility

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