These are a few items that I regularly recommend for families I work with.  These are affiliate links through Amazon.  I get a very small amount if you buy from here, however, I’m simply sharing what I use in my work.  

CRAYON ROCKS – These are my top recommended fine motor item.  They’re the perfect size to encourage a better pencil grasp, and they have this really nice groove for the thumb to fit in.  


STABILO PENCILS – These come with lovely grooves for the fingers to fit in, and make sure you specify for right or left handers. 

Sometimes it’s fun to draw and write on different surfaces from chalk boards, fabrics, bath tiles, rocks, or wood.  Oil pastels can feel nice as so smooth too. 

WRITING SLOPE – To promote wrist extension (lifting of the wrist for better finger grip and pencil control) – Make sure you have the right size.  This one is for A4 paper.  Check that it is anti-slip, and it’s nice to have a place to put the pencil. 

Make your own chalkboard with this sticky roll.  Alternatively, you can buy chalkboard paint to paint on a piece of wood, door, or even wall. 


TWEEZERS – These are actually called a Strawberry Huller.  I’ve used these for 20 years.  They’re small which is perfect for little hands.  You can put stickers on the bottom so kids know where to place their fingers.  And they’re not stiff to squeeze like usual children’s tweezers.  Do give them a try.  

PICKLE PICKER – These are a huge fave amongst kids as they’re unique, fun, and a bit different.  Great for working on thumb strength and stability.  We feed the Mr. Hungry tennis ball pretend food with these.  Really good also to work on adjusting muscle pressure between hard, medium, and soft.  

PUTTY – There are so many amazing putties out there but here are some of my faves! 

If your child has weaker hands and needs to start off with something fun, try the Play Foam, also known as Floam.  It’s nice to have a variety of textures and resistances so you can work on adjusting your force for different ones. 

BOOKS – I love kids’ books.  They’re just getting more and more beautiful and artistic. Here are some of my faves: 

  1.  Many kids are anxious about making mistakes and oftentimes won’t try new tasks due to worry about errors.  Here are some books I love: 

2. This is a lovely book on identifying emotions and the brain book is great about explaining how the brain works for kids who are interested.  There are so many great books available now on similar topics. 


JUMPING – One of my favourite gross motor therapy supplies is the Bosu(R) or the knock-off versions.  We use this for jumping, jumping and landing onto a crashed, and it’s a hit in our obstacle courses.  



Gorilla Gym is an amazing option to have for an indoor swing, trapeze, and climbing apparatus, especially if you have a child who benefits from this sensory input.  Speak to your OT to see what they recommend you use with your Gorilla Gym.  The great thing is that Gorilla Gym works based on suction in the doorway so no screws needed. 

Gorilla Gym Pull Parts: 


For those of you who see me in clinic, you know that this is the most popular and favourite swing we have.  I love this hammock.  It’s strong and versatile, and the way it opens up is comfortable for children to lay in on their tummies and other positions. 

Daisy Chains – 

These are what I use to hang my swings from and to adjust the heights.  They are really great and highly recommend.