Do Colicky Babies have Sensory Processing Problem

“Colic” describes when a baby cries or fusses for prolonged amounts of time for seemingly no reason.  These days, the term colic is used very freely and not in its true clinical diagnosis.

In this study, researchers followed a group of colicky infants for several years and assessed them again between 3-8 years of age. They discovered that 75% of colicky infants demonstrated sensory processing problems when older!  For example, they not only had difficulties in responding to sensory information, but also in coping with the environment, attention and behavioural regulation. I have also seen this in my practice.

When a baby’s fussiness and irritability cannot be explained by medical problems such as reflex, abdominal difficulties, etc, look at their sensory processing. For babies, it’s important to consider that behaviours which are typically thought of as ‘difficult’ temperament may actually reflect a sensory processing problem.

Visit for more information on sensory processing for babies and calming strategies.

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