Backpack Awareness Day 2012

Kids schlep around huge backpacks these days so its not surprising that: 

-64% students from 11-15 years report back pain
-55% students carry backpacks more than the recommended 10% of their body weight
-how you wear a backpack can negatively affect your health


Backpack Wearing Guidelines: 
1) Straps should be worn on both shoulders
2) backpack should weigh no more than 10% of the child’s body weight
3) place heavier items closer to the back or on bottom of bag
4) Height of backpack should be 2-inches below shoulder to waist level
5) Use padded shoulder straps, hip belt as well as a chest strap


Here are some Backpack Strategies for Parents and Students by the American Occupational Therapy Association
Listen to Karen Jacobs share tips on choosing and packing a backpack.